About us

LG MediQs is a young and dynamic company that supplies professional care assistants through project sourcing (contract & project work).

 Health care institutions or companies in need of a speciality or facing temporary or structural shortages can turn to LG MediQs for an adequate solution.


Project sourcing


Project sourcing allows health care institutions and/or companies to benefit from experienced and readily employable care assistants.


Your advantages:


  • + The position, duration and specific services are laid down in a mutual agreement +
  • + The care assistant has an employment contract with LG MediQs +
  • + We offer care assistance solutions tailored to your project +
  • + We ensure personal guidance and counseling of our care assistants +
  • + You are handed detailed monthly administration and invoicing per project +
  • + All services provided are mutually assessed on a regular basis +



Rest and nursing homes



Quality patient care is dependent upon a safe and secure team.


LG MediQs can supply care assistants for projects where expertise is required, both for short-term and prolonged assignments, aiming to ensure patient safety as well as continuity within health care institutions or companies.


Through project sourcing, LG MediQs is able to provide:

  • + care assistants with the necessary skills and experience +
  • + a solution for temporary labour shortages due to illness, pregnancy, ... +
  • + reinforcement in case of structural shortages +
  • + the possibility to have your health care tasks taken over +
  • + coaching, guidance and training of new employees +
  • + assistance in situations where expertise is required +

Professional support
Rapid employability
The secret of success is doing what you have to do, better than you have to do it.

Our team

We have a team of experienced people at your service.

Philippe Lauwych
Philippe Lauwych

Master of Science in Nursing, specialisations/experience: joints (hip, knee, shoulder), trauma, endoscopy, spine, Unamec training

Klaas Gevaert
Klaas Gevaert

Professional bachelor in Health Care, specialisations/experience: joints (hip, knee, shoulder), trauma, endoscopy, spine, Unamec training

Niels van der Linden
Technical Advisor
Niels van der Linden

Professional bachelor nurse experience: Surgery nurse instrumentist/circulation subspecialization orthopaedics (knee, hip,shoulder, trauma, endoscopy) and neurosurgery (spine) Unamec Certificate

Elke Van Gierdeghom
Technical Advisor
Elke Van Gierdeghom

Professional Bachelor nurse experience: Surgery nurse instrumentist/circulation subspecialization Orthopaedics (knee, hip, trauma, endoscopy) and Neurosurgery (spine) General and Vascular surgery beMedTech (Unamec) Certificate



We do not have any openings at the time. Feel free though to send us an open job application stating your qualities, hobbies and motivations. We will keep your profile in our database and will take this into account if any vacancies would occur.

Contacteer ons

 Hoogstraat 20, B-8810 Lichtervelde info@lgmediqs.be
 0478/580.351 (Philippe) 0468/158.882 (Klaas)

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